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New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership works with businesses, education 熊猫麻将如何建亲友圈 local authority partners to drive growth 熊猫麻将如何建亲友圈 enterprise in Norfolk 熊猫麻将如何建亲友圈 Suffolk.

We secure public 熊猫麻将如何建亲友圈 private investment to deliver a range of programmes 熊猫麻将如何建亲友圈 initiatives with partners to improve infrastructure, skills 熊猫麻将如何建亲友圈 business support.

Our work focuses on three sectors which support our place at the forefront of tackling the challenges 熊猫麻将如何建亲友圈 opportunities of climate change. This is the UK’s clean growth region.


Norfolk 熊猫麻将如何建亲友圈 Suffolk is the epicentre of the world’s largest market for offshore wind energy. It is the only place in the UK where opportunity for all forms of energy generation exist together.

We will drive the UK’s clean energy technology, trialling innovation, exporting services 熊猫麻将如何建亲友圈 skills globally as the UK’s centre for clean energy.


Norfolk 熊猫麻将如何建亲友圈 Suffolk is home to BT’s global research headquarters, at Adastral Park, where global st熊猫麻将如何建亲友圈ards 熊猫麻将如何建亲友圈 coding for the internet were pioneered 熊猫麻将如何建亲友圈 the single-mode optical fibre was realised.

We will grow 熊猫麻将如何建亲友圈 secure the ICT 熊猫麻将如何建亲友圈 digital creative clusters at Adastral Park 熊猫麻将如何建亲友圈 Norwich as national assets 熊猫麻将如何建亲友圈 build the UK’s first advanced highspeed optical wireless network.  


Norfolk 熊猫麻将如何建亲友圈 Suffolk is home to the largest agri-food sector in the UK with world-leading expertise across a wide spectrum of food, farming 熊猫麻将如何建亲友圈 health.

We will: lead the UK’s innovation in agri-food, pioneering 熊猫麻将如何建亲友圈 applying new approaches to sustainable agriculture, working with regional partners to realise the collective power as the UK centre for hi-tech, precision agriculture 熊猫麻将如何建亲友圈 food production.